Easy and simple steps to unclog a bathtub drain

 how to unclog bathtub, how to unclog a bathtub, how to unclog a tubOccasionally, the water in your bathtub may fail to drain hence causing major hygienic problems. Most of the bathtub problems are caused by hair and soap residue. Unfortunately, many people do not know how to unclog bathtub drain. Before calling a plumber or purchasing a powerful chemical to deal with this problem, you should consider these easy and simple steps for unclogging a bathtub drain. However, you should be prepared with a trashcan and gloves to enhance the hygiene. If the drain will not open at the end of each step, proceed until the drain frees up.

Start with the plunger


In most cases, the plunger solves most clogging problems in the bathtubs. However, this method is effective if your bathtub have few inches of water. Then place the plunger and start to pump it over your bathtub drain for 15 to 20 seconds. Usually, this procedure will unclog the bathtub. However, you may repeat this procedure in order to get the best results. You should proceed to the next step if you do not get desired results.

Use drain cleaner 

Some individuals prefer to use this method rather than the first step. However, drain cleaner is quite expensive. When using the cleaner, open the drain cleaner container and pour half of the content to the clogged bathtub drain. Wait for about half an hour.

Repeat this step if the drain is still clogged 

Repeat this step and then use a plunger, as this will improve the chances of unclogging the drain. However, you should avoid splashing water to your eyes because it can cause irritation. You can move to the next step if there is no improvement after a couple of trials.

Remove the drain cover 

If the tub is still clogged, you may have to pump out water before proceeding to the next step. Remove the screws that hold a drain cover by using a screwdriver. Lift off the cover and check the cause of the clog. Use a needle nose pliers to remove whatever is causing the blockage. With the drain cover off, try to unclog the bathtub with the plunger. If there are no results, move to the next step.

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Open the access to your bathtub plumbing 

Remove the access panel behind the plumbing of the bathtub in order to get access to the trap. Place the container under the trap. Unscrew the fitting on the trap and wait to see if water will be drained. If you do not get results, then the clogging is between the tub and the trap.

Insert a stiff wire into the drain in order to break up the clog.

Using the wire is very effective for this type of blockage. This method works well when used together with the plunger at the top of the bathtub. Slip the wire into the drain and break up whatever is causing the clogging.

Call a plumber if the clogging is beyond the bathtub drain trap 

You should not attempt this step unless you are certified to open vents and sewer lines. Usually, most clogging problems are solved with this step.

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