Hot Water Leaks: Any Problem With Your Heating System?

leaking water heater

Have you noticed any water leakages from your water heating system? Don’t be ignorant of it. It could turn out to be a serious problem that can force a system overhaul.

This definitely a big repair bill. A water leak can be equated to a toothache. If you ignore the pain of an aching tooth, you will eventually have to pull it out or fill it up. This may not be very good experiences. Water leaks can be very detrimental to your floor and walls if not fixed fast. They can also become health hazards. The damp areas or stagnant water can be breeding ground for mold and mildew. The wet environment can easily trigger attacks in asthmatic people.

When such leaks occur, it is important to find out where exactly the leaks are coming from. Mop any water on the floor and wipe all fittings. Then observe keenly to see where the leaks start from. Once you have established that it is actually the water heater leaking, you can proceed to the next stage of problem fixation. This will also help you to know what exactly you need to fix the problem and how best to fix it. Before you do it, you also need to ensure that you are safe as you fix it.

The next most important thing to do is to turn off the power supply to your water heater. For electric water heaters, find the circuit box. Switch the breaker connected to the water heater. For propane or gas water heaters, just switch off the gas. This is very vital for your own safety. Thus far, you can now switch off the water supply to the heater. Water heaters can make water hot enough to inflict serious burns on the skin of anybody. Therefore, it is important to take care, especially when dealing with leaks coming from the hot water side of the water heater. Switching off water supply may slow down the leak, giving you ample time to fix it.

Do some investigation to try and find out why the heater is leaking. This will also help you to tell whether you can fix it or not. If you can’t fix it, you may have to call in a plumber to handle it for you. There could be several reasons why the heater could be leaking. Here are some of them.

1. Water inlets and outlets. Check the connections of the cold and hot water outlets to the water heater. It should be easy to fix this, if this is the genesis of the leakage. Simply tighten any loose connections.

2. The Pressure and Temperature Relief valves. This valve on the lower side of the tank could be faulty or defective. Likewise, there could be much pressure from inside the tank due to overheating of the water. Excessive pressure forces the valve to open frequently. Any problem with the valve can be easy to fix. However, you should be very concerned if the leakage results from excessive pressure.

3. Water Heater Drain Valve. Try to close the valve if it is open. If it can’t close, you may need to close it. Check its connection to the heater too.

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