How to Snake a Toilet

How to Snake a Toilet

Having a toilet stoppage is maybe the most familiar of all stoppages. One of the more helpful and frequent remedies you can learn is to be able to effectively snake a toilet. Clogged toilets will happen particularly with children around your home. At times, you can unclog by using a plunger. But what if the plunger doesn’t fix the problem? Then, you either call a plumber or pay his fee, or you begin snaking. To snake a toilet successfully, you will need to use certain tools, materials, and procedures below:

Step 1: Try To Determine What Has Caused the Clog

After realizing that the water within your toilet does not flow from the toilet into the drain, you need to try plunging. If there is water within your toilet bowl, carry out plunging without flushing your toilet as flushing can also cause an overflow on to the bathroom floor. In case plunging is helpful and water starts flowing, this can assist you to sort out the issue. But if the bowl water goes on to back up, you need to determine what causes that clog. The most usual and obvious ways to establish the cause of the clog is to inquire from your family members especially from children who might have flushed odd items like toys down the toilet.

Step 2: Selecting the Best Snake

To obtain a snake, ensure you get the one with a smaller turning head. Else, you may risk damaging the drain pipe. Utilizing the wrong type or size of snake in wrong application can cause destruction to the fixture, snake or even yourself. Start with a small snake head but if you cannot unclog your toilet, use a bigger one but take care in the manner which you apply it. Don’t turn or push it too forcibly to avoid damaging your drain pipe.

Step 3: Snaking a Toilet

To start snaking your toilet, unwind 3 or 4 feet from the winding spindle and put the snake head into the hole on the bottom part of the toilet bowl. The water within the bowl assists to unclog by flushing away pieces that are loose from clog. Also, you can put some water into the bowl if you cannot any within the toilet bowl. Don’t flush at this point and start turning the snake handle in clockwise motion. Initially, turn the handle gradually but tightly until it starts to bind. As you turn the same, that snake ought to find its way down the drainage pipe without using any force.

Step 4: Breaking up a Clog

While the snake head gets along the clogged drain and presses the clog, you will experience resistance when turning the handle. Then wind the snake back and this may remove debris from the clog enabling you to see what might have caused the clog similarly indicating that the clog has begun to break apart. While snaking the drain, try operating the snake head back down the drain into the clog once more while turning the handle to break more clog. Also, try winding the snake back from the clog. You need to continue with this process until the water within the toilet bowl drains freely.

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