How to Unclog a Shower Drain

If you find that, there is water that keeps standing every time you take a shower then there could be an issue with your shower drain or the drain has clogged up. Hair and soap scum often collects in the drain every time people take a shower. This builds up as time goes by and reaches a point where it blocks the drain causing water to be unable to flow down the drain. Hair and scum are the key components that caused clog up in the shower drain. It is essential to get rid of hair and scum that collects in the drain to ensure that it functions at its optimal level. Some of the requirements required for unclogging the shower drain include plumbers snake, hot water, baking powder, screwdriver, metal hanger, chemical drainer opener, rubber gloves, petroleum jelly, white vinegar, flash light, wet washcloth and a small plunger. 


How to unclog a shower drain


1.      A half a cup of baking powder is poured followed by another half cup of white vinegar down the drain. The drain is then covered by a baking dish and left to stand at least for two hours, it is recommended to leave it stay overnight. Dissolving the clog can be done by flushing hot water before going to the next step. If it fails to clear then go to the next step.

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2.      The drain cover is removed and screws loosened in the center or by placing the screwdriver under the edges of the cover to allow easy popping off.



3.      Looking for the clog up is the next step and flashlight plays a crucial role here since the drain is dark. In the event that the clog is within reach or sight insert a straightened metal hanger to pull the clog out. A plunger is used if the clog is not within sight.



4.      A thin layer of petroleum jelly is rubbed along the edge of a small plunger, this is vital in creating a seal. The wet washcloth is then held against the overflow held over the overflow holes of the drain and the plunger placed over it. If the plunger head is not submerged, more water is added and pumped up and down for 15-20 times until the clog clears.



5.      After trying pumping action, check using the flashlight to identify if you have pulled the clog into view. A straightened hanger is then used to pull the clog off the drain. However if the blockage is not visible then repeat the process severally until you get a result.



6.      If the straightened hanger is not working then use plumbers snake, this is important in removing all the clogs as it is specifically meant for this purpose. Putting the plumbers to the drain is the next step; twist it several times until you are able to feel you have hit a clog. Once the clog is hit, the handle is turned and pulled up thereafter try running water to check if the drain is clear.

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7.      If the physical unclogging of the shower drain does not work then buy a chemical drain cleaner from the local shops. Putting on rubber gloves is important when using chemicals to avoid corrosion or skin irritation. Follow the directions on the product and the drain will be successfully unclogged.

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