Learning how to perform toilet installation

installing a toilet

Toilet installation might be the last thing that someone would like to learn, but to learn a skill related to replacing a toilet is something that will come in handy, especially if you cannot contact someone who can do it professionally right away.

There are a number of DIY tips that can be followed online when it comes to toilet installation. Tips that can assist homeowners how to solve issues in cracked or damaged toilets.

Learning how to do the toilet installation on your own can help you save lots of money, you can even learn to do it professionally as a part time job, are not to mention the feelings of accomplishment once you are able to do it correctly.

Get started with the right materials:

A successful toilet replacement or installation, will depend on the quality of materials that you are using. Research in order to avoid getting brands that are substandard. Be prepared with power tools as well in order to be able to get the job done faster.

Get a toilet that is providing at least 1.6 gallons per flush, and nothing less. This is the standard recommendation of plumbers and must be followed in order to avoid any problem.

Other materials will include a wax ring, get the extended-height wax ring. The next thing to get is closet bolts. Get the self-adjusting closet bolts for better performance. You can get this item direct at a plumbing supply shop instead of a DIY center.

You will also need a toilet connector, pennies or stainless steel washers, as well as an adjustable wrench, torpedo level and screwdriver.

How to perform the toilet installation:

The first thing to do is to assemble the toilet before proceeding with the installation part. This is needed in order to add more weight, and make the work easier. The tank can then be attached afterwards.

Prepare the Flange:

In order to set up the bathroom toilet, you need to remove the old toilet, scrap the remaining parts, including the old wax ring.

If the flange is already damaged or crack, repair it first. A repair kit can be purchased at local DIY centers.

Position the Closet Bolts

The bolts need to be slipped on either side, and then you need to move the lock washers down, make sure it is snug against the flange. After that you need to place the wax ring.

The wax ring can be placed directly on the flange, but this can also be placed on the underside of the toilet.

Setting up the Toilet

You need to move the toilet over the flange, and then line up the holes together with the closet bolts, when the position is already in place, press the toilet against the floor.

Then add the washers and the nuts and hand-tighten them on both sides.

The last step would be to level the toilet, after levelling the toilet, make sure it is done from side to side and front to back.

Make sure to attach the supply line, and remove the need for the wrapping thread with Teflon tape, then verify the fill level when everything is already connected. Open the supply valve and allow the tank to fill up.

This is the time to check for any leaks, and then, adjust the fill valve, so that the amount of water to fill the line will be met. After this the last step is to caulk the base in order to achieve a more polished look.

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