Tips On How To Clean Bathtubs

Tips On How To Clean Bathtubs

Bathrooms can often be one of the challenging rooms in a household to keep clean. This is the reason, why regular maintenance and care is often suggested by experts. The more we keep up on bathroom, the less of a chance it has to get dirty. To find out, how to clean bathtub, you should consult with the manufactures direction first, since they know what to use and what to avoid. Mostly bathtubs made of; Acrylic, Fiberglass, Porcelain
Acrylic Tubs; These days acrylic bathtubs are most popular type available. Cleaning acrylic is not difficult and you do not need to invest in any special product. These kind of tubs are designed to be particularly resistant to scratches. When you clean acrylic bathtub, the first thing you will have to do is remove the bath mat if you have one. Fill the bathtub with approximately one inch of warm water. Use the mild detergent with a soft cloth, rinse away the cleaner completely also using the cloth to dry the interior. When choosing the cleaner or soap you are going to use, make sure it is safe. Do not use solvents as these generally contain chemicals that can remove paint and adhesive, which can damage acrylic bathtub.

Fiberglass Bathtubs; These kind of tubs are very delicate and need to be cleaned gently. Use a mild cleaner and rub the tub gently. The paint can come off easily if you use harsh cleanser.

Porcelain Bathtubs; Cleaning a porcelain bathtub can sometimes be a challenge. You should not use abrasive cleanser because it will dull the surface over time. The big problem with these kind of bathtubs is stubborn marks that stain the surface. If your bath tub has blur green colored stains, this is from the constant dripping of water from the faucet. First, you will need to change the faucet and then rinse out the the with mild detergent.
Important Things To Remember For The Proper Cleaning Of Bathtubs;

1. Use soft cloth or towel to wipe down bathtub and shower after you are finished.

2. Try using some wax on the inside of your bathtub. By coating the walls with this type of wax, it will allow the water to droplet off the surface rather than staying there and drying up.

3. Do not leave your soap and shampoo bottles on the floor of your bathtub. Doing this can result in stains and cracks as the chemicals from these products can damage your tub.

4. Do not use harsh scrub pads or steel wool when cleaning your bathtub. These types of materials will wear out the coating on your tub and can cause unwanted damage.
It might surprise you that soap you use can actually do more harm to your tub than good. Cleaning bathtubs is not that difficult, it just takes special care and the right cleanser. As long as you do not use any abrasive chemicals in the process there is very little risk of damaging the bathtub. The proper cleaning and care will have your bathtub looking new for years to come.

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